Friday, 10 July 2009

TFI Friday!!

So, England have been thrashed to all corners of Sofia Garden by the Convicts.
Middlesex's batting line has been torn apart by a Paddy for barely 150, with Shah scoring 12 from 8 balls including 3 fours. Stunning!!

In all honesty, the Aussie batsmen have shown good discipline whilst England's bowlers simply haven't earnt the rub of the green. The pitch at Grace Road seems a bit of a shocker, Steve Finn picking up four cheap scalps.
Just seems to be a bit deja-vu.

Meanwhile, I spent the afternoon trying to get my brain to work sufficiently to write a coherent report. It took an extra-ordinary amount of furrowed brow.

However, tomorrow is the weekend and I have it all to myself :)
After killing a few necessary chores I shall paint figures sat in front of the cricket, commune with the x-box, vaguely follow the grand prix and eat steak. For two whole days!!

I LIKE TOYS............

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