Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sing while you're winning!!

Life has been a bit random recently.

I went to Brugge over the weekend which is a lovely place which I heartily recommend.
Brugge has moules, frites, waffles, stunning architecture and this place......... awesome!!

While I was away messers Strauss and Flintoff were busy winning the seconds Ashes test at Lords though checking the score repeatedly via my phone almost got rather costly.

Whilst travelling home on the Eurostar I got some prep done for "Send in the Clones" the first installment of which was supposed to be this evening. Unfortunately I got stuck at work, in Weston Super Mare until six and everything has had to be postponed.

This sucks bottom, especially as i'd actually written 90% of the background material and the entire first mission. For those who know me this is in contrast to my "wing it and see" method of gaming.

On the up, it'll let me get a bit more done and some of us will get some form of Star Wars gaming in Thursday night instead....... honest!!

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