Sunday, 5 July 2009

Playing for pride

So, the Lions claim a well deserved win over the "mighty" Boks but which side was really playing for pride?
As has been observed by greater minds than mine the ethos of the Lions has been the greatest victor but who has been the real loser?
The tour will deservedly spark debate for some time to come yet. Tries not taken and red cards not given. South African sport has always been physical, gruff and looking to intimidate since, and possibly before, it's reintroduction to the world stage.
The Bok's victory will be remembered for many a year, any tarnish will be lost to time.

Meanwhile, I have successfully come to grips with D20 Star Wars Roleplaying and am looking forward to the character generation session this Tuesday. As it's now past payday i'll be heading down to Orc's Nest very soon to pick up the Scum and Villany and my first set of roleplay dice for many a year. It's all rather exciting :)

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