Tuesday, 7 July 2009

You rebel scum!!

So, with the shackles of pay day a distant memory, I picked up the Star Wars: Scum and Villany sourcebook yesterday and it's well worth every penny.

We had the character generation session this evening and in between quaffing about a gallon of tea I repeatedly stressed the open nature of the campaign as long as the player's wishes could be justified within the development of thier character. Why would your Jawa Noble be toting a repeating blaster rifle, where's his motivation?

I also picked up a pack of these guys, Copplestone's Wasteland Desperados, for the group to encounter. For those crusty enough to remember i'm going for a real Dark Future feel for the opening episode, some of which is even written down!! Apparantly I only need to stay one session ahead of the party?

So these guys will be my first painting project since February. Sometime soon I hope to post a painting plan and if the weekend brings what it should, hopefully some photos :)

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