Monday, 27 July 2009

Episode IV: A New Hope

After the abject failure of last weeks Star Wars roleplay session i've actually done some gaming.
In my own defence I have spent some time working on the background and opening scenario.

Rich came round last Thursday and re-introduced me to the Ambush Alley rules playing a Star Wars rescue scenario. We played through twice, once with each side, and I somehow managed to narrowly win twice and ALMOST snuffed out Yoda.... almost!

A good set of rules that rewards aggressive / heroic play with your heroes, at least until the dice go a bit wrong.

Saw the girly over the weekend and after a pleasent Sunday afternoon going around Hampton Court Palace I got her to watch Spaceballs over dinner and then SHE insisted that we play co-op Gears of War for 2 hours. God may actually exist :)

No painting in the last ten days though the desperados have had actual paint attatched recently and i've sorted out a paint list. Pretty much all stuff that needs finishing off but with the intention for it to get some use;

1. FoW German artillery:
Just a bit of highlighting and a coat of varnish really. Didn't quite get finished from the last tourney I went to in the far too distant past.
More in the case to be painted but not an active system currently.

2. Hordes Blighted Archers:
Quite a bit of higlighting and a coat of varnish. Same reasoning as point 1 above.
Plenty more in the case and a system I want to get some games in with.

3. Blood-Bowl ogre:
Just the one, but the final figure of the team to be painted. Maybe then they'll roll some decent dice?

4. Star Wars:
An ongoing project that will continue a Genetic Infantry 2000AD project that I started sometime ago. I really want to find an excuse to pick a GW plastic Valkyrie to go with them.

Photos once i've actually painted something.

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