Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Let the wookie win!!

Ok, so i've knicked Aaron's title and the photos from his phone:

I actually managed to turn up at my own flat last night and we got the first session of Send in the Clones played using the new Star Wars roleplay system.

After we sorted out the loss of half the character sheets and Ian being down with pig flu we cracked on and had a pretty good session. It's a relatively diverse group with Charlie displaying a particuarly taut trigger finger to the chagrin of some and nonchalance of others.

After some initial trepidation a number of stunning persuade, bluff and perception rolls had the group well on thier way to recovering a number of mislaid crates. Displaying a ruthless guile the boys took out a supply convoy with one quick volley and then made use of the sole heavily wounded survivor to bluff thier way into the target facility.

With pizza boxes and choccy biccies similarly despatched the evening was drawn to a close. Next session will likely see the first mission completed so I need to read up how experience works and write some more missions.

Meanwhile, no progress with the paints, though I have a week off from Friday and delusions of what can be achieved!!

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