Monday, 24 August 2009

Shiver me timbers

With the girly away I ended up working this weekend so had Friday and today off instead.

Having picked my Bone Griffin fleet up form the Post Office first thing Friday i've got them all painted in time for the club tomorrow night. I've gone for an Egyptian look to go with the whole galley thing.

The battleship can be fitted out with whatever combination of broadside and / or catapult decks which fit snuggly so i've been able to paint them seperately and leave them inter-changeable.

The slow, heavy, cruisers with an additional catapult lashed to the deck adding some long range firepower.

The lighter cruisers. Faster but dependant on the wind conditions, unlike the rest of the fleet oar-powered fleet.

Three of the six Orcus. So is the plural Orci? Who couldn't be excited by 1/600 scale resin undead whales? No...really!!

I think i've decided to base the fleet, probably using some very tightly cut flat bases. I picked up some of GW's water effect over the weekend and given the price i'm hopeful of it turning in a good result.
An enjoyable project but not massively demanding, so for Painting Points i've decided 1 for each Orcus, 2 each for the Cruisers and 4 for the Battleship giving a whopping total of 18 PPs. Nice :)

Anyway, newly painted figures on the table tomorrow night so I'm already getting that sinking feeling!!

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