Sunday, 16 August 2009

That was the week that was

So, 10 days work free and what have I achieved?

A wedding, a day at the cricket, a day on Margate beach, more of a tan, some shopping and plenty of girly time.
I've also painted SOME figures and played a few games, and by doing so I've tweeked the scope of my "hobby" and made some decisions.

I've re-confirmed that as I establish more of an apparant life, the more effort I have to put in to maintain my hobby. Not a problem, the more you put in them more you get out, I just have to manage what I need to put in, if that's not too negative!?

As such I continue my move away from GW and have decided that the Fantasy armies need to go, I gave up on 40K some years ago. I just don't have the time / effort / outlet required for a game I now find hard work to play.

I'll be keeping 2000pts of Empire cavalry just in case but everything else must go. I, currently, couldn't face just binning it all so my first foray into e-bay selling is on the cards.
There are a number of decently painted Empire units, plenty of built Orc and Goblin units and two big boxes of unit boxes and sprues. It'll be bargain basement but, with luck, they can recycled into a Valkyrie or two :)

But two of four initial projects have been, technically, completed. The clones will continue, the archers will wait on a back burner. Meanwhile I have been e-notified that my Bone Griffin fleet is winging it's way to me and will form project 3. Project slot 4 is earmarked, but not to be billed until I get a decent sized project completed.

As mentioned previously, I love the galley look and who could resist undead whales. I finally played a game on Tuesday using a Dwarf fleet and really like the game. Having finally browsed the Bone Griffin's rules they're a bit "different" with the whales having a plethora of special rules.

With luck, I can have them good to go for the next club night and i'll get to try them out.

Chin, chin.

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