Friday, 14 August 2009

Gonk SMASH!!


As to once again score a quick result I have today painted the Blood-Bowl ogre to, finally, complete my human team "Franks Freaks".

Made up of all classic figures picked up many years ago during a metal pick I recently acquired Gonk, the ogre, via e-bay as only a classic Morg 'n Thorg would do the job.

I continue with these guys because I love the figures and thier travelling freak show background. Having taken part in one GT and many leagues they've always been rather unlucky for me, or I for them........ you decide.

The brains trust consisting of Sin-D-Rella, Frank and Capt Krunch.

The heavy boys including The Mighty Gonk, R0-Jaws and Hel-Mutt.

The Seven Dwarves linemen. Sleazy, Knuckles, Doc, Surly et al.

The special teams. Big 'Ed, Whiplash, Four Ayes and Short-Round.

So, technically, that's two whole projects completed this week. The clones are coming along nicely and more importantly i'm getting back into the habit of painting which has been pleasing.

Probably got a day's painting Sunday so a weekly round-up will follow. Yee-hawww :)

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