Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Monsieur Oddleg, trois points

So, ...(dramatic pause)... painting points!

As with all good / interesting / bizarre ideas I have acquired this one from elsewhere, namely Shaun. Shaun has previously been accruing painting points as part of the 1000 point painting pledge organised on The Miniatures Page website.

Hopefully obvious is the fact that you are awarded points for each figure you paint as a motivational device, though i'm sure there's an element of "healthy" competition.

I wish to do something similar, but probably not on the same scale. I wish to dip a toe and see what it gets me,... other than wet toes.

A points scale is required and i've decided that a single 15mm figure, as the smallest thing i'm likely to paint, is worth 1pt and a 25mm figure 2pts. Everything else is scaled up from there.
I intend to work on the basis of how much work goes into any figure rather than use pure size, though I have an idea of modifiers, for example;

Vehicles; small gets a modifier of x3, medium x5, large x8. A complex model / paint scheme adds +1 to the modifier cumulatively.
Cavalry; gives a x2 modifier.
Scenic basing; gives a +1 modifier.

For now I'll keep a set of monthly totals and should I be bored enough at some point in January I can analyse the results and set myself a 2010 target. Feel the Gs baby!!

So, for August 09 I have currently painted one blood-bowl ogre which, though enjoyable, wasn't particuarly demnding.
Monsieur Oddleg, trois points!

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