Monday, 10 August 2009

Schnell, schnell, kartoppel-koffen!!

HUZZAH......, for this evening I have finally completed the German 105 howitzer platoon, namely four 105's two spotters, command and staff teams. I've also finished the pioneer platoon which also needed minimal highlighting and some varnish.

As mentioned previously this was a very easy hit but a good starter for ten and a bit of camera time :)

I've also finished the pioneer platoon which also only required basic highlighting. These have to be some of my favourite whermacht figures. A full platoon list exists........ somewhere!

Probably a bit keen to be claiming any painting points towards the 2010 total, more another time, but it's a start. No where's that, singular, ogre.

Whilst on the topic of jack-booted oppressors, I popped into GW Plaza this afternoon and spent £14.45 on a can of black spray and three paints :( As much as i've been assured that car spray will work fine, six years previous service within GW, more at a later date, leaves its foibles.

The blue shirt was a decent enough guy and I got got some good info on putting together and painting up the Valkyrie kit which WILL be happening once the current clones are done.

Anyway, a day of cricket at Lords tomorrow and then an evening of toys :)

I love Lords, an Middlesex vs Essex four day which will now feature Ravi "the big bopper" Bopara released for "time in the middle". Not sure that the Middlesex attack can offer too much of a challenge though.

We're playing through The Uncharted Seas for the first time. Should be good, will post.

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