Thursday, 6 August 2009

What a difference a day makes

I hardly dare type this but as an apparant new man me and the LADY went and had manicures last night. First time for me and despite being told that I look scared I rather enjoyed all the pampering.

On the way I happened to pass Orc's Nest and being slightly early I slid in and picked up a couple of packs of Copplestone's Future Wars scavengers.

This was an officially sanctioned purchase under the "Current Projects" clause that we all know, love and abuse. Specifically the Star Wars: Clones project. The nails were entirely different and are very nice and shiny!

10 days leave from tomorrow which will feature a wedding, gaming, lots of cricket and SOME painting.

The German Artillery project has been selected for completion as it is the easiest / quickest hit available. The recent Star Wars purchases, thats a whole 12 figures folks, have also been selected as this is where my main enthusiasm lies currently.......... currently :)

Meanwhile I have recently ordered an Uncharted Seas Bone Griffins starter fleet. I really like the galley look to the ships and the destroyers are actually undead whales. Couldn't resist.
As, technically, they haven't arrived yet they're not, technically, on the list and should replace the kraut guns.

No project creep at all then.... technically :)

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  1. ... and you get at Mr C for doing salsa!!!!!!