Wednesday, 26 August 2009

It's all in the bones

The randomness of dice that is.

Uncharted Seas:

The Bone Griffins performed pretty well last night, though Jon's Orc fleet wasn't helped by the wind direction being totally against them.

Luck see-sawed for both of us. The all catapult battleship sank a cruiser on the very first turn. I, or my dice, then failed to take advantage of it's long range firepower and it quickly became a bit of a white elephant. All broadsides is temtping but 1 catapult with 2 broadsides seems more effective currently.

The Orci proved very effective in the ramming and boarding stakes. I preferred the fast cruisers simply based on speed and they should do well operating with the Orci.

The luck element was ably demonstrated when my last remaining cruiser tried what I felt was an ambitious ram on Jon's slightly worn battleship.
For the boarding action, even with a card giving me +2 bonus dice it was six dice each at 4+ to hit, 6's counting double and giving a re-roll. I rolled yahtzee and apologised through my grin.

I really like the "bonus 6" mechanism and it produced several wince enducing results across all four games played.

Star Wars:

Previously, in a galaxy far far away, the latest Send in the Clones session happened last Thursday and required the "heroes" to secure three cargo crates from a fortified gas mine.

An unexpected amount deal of stealth and guile was deployed to the point where I was quite concerned as to wether we'd see any violence at all!!

Thankfully, ideas eventually stalled and after a good healthy dose of laser-play the group limped off all nursing wounds with one of the skiffs rather battered.
The lady de luck was particualry fickle with the Jedi whose lightsaber would seem to be a more ornamental than practical weapon. Thankfully, for him, his opponent was equally inept.

The opening mission is now almost complete and i've been, relatively, busy sorting out the over-spanning story arc,, but do need to finalise some finer details....... such as the choice of next mission.

My the farce be with you,... always :)

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