Saturday, 26 December 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho.......

.......Green Giant??

Another christmas almost gone. The weird way that the days have fallen this year have been quite kind, giving ten days off for three days leave. Mucho grande!

So after yesterday with the family i've had a particuarly pleasent cave-day.
Watched most of the first day of the second Test against the Saffers (translation: Cricket) and then later Northampton giving Worcester a good shoeing (Rugby).

In between I've got the cellophane off of the newly acquired Wolfenstein and finished off Security Team Zeta.

I'm a big fan of WWII first person shooters and have always enjoyed the Wolfenstein license with it's Nazi-Occult storylines with an excellent Hellboy look and feel.

The latest incarnation has moved on significantly, picking up a lot of features seen in the top titles. There's a large Stadt to roam around at will and enough extra missions parrallel to the main story to add variety.

By earning rewards you can upgrade your equipment but with limited resources you have to choose carefully. The main departure is the development of occult powers for our eponymous hero to go with his exceedingly strong jaw-line.
Not got too far yet, but with ancient medallion in hand I now have the ability to slow time.
Good stuff.

Meanwhile in a galaxy an indeterminate distance away, if you need hired goons on a budget and everyone else is busy then maybe, just maybe, you'll be forced to hire; Security Team Zeta

Sourced from Heresy the investigation team lines up as follows: (l-r) Dwayne B - Tech, Alysa - Logistics, Quimby - The Chief, Quade - Interventions and Hudson - Demolitions.
Sgt Blok, centre, leads the Strike Team, who are highly trained in laying down indiscriminate firepower to minimum effect. Bonnet catches and bar optics beware!

So another 20 painting points in the bag just in time for thier potential deployment.
Off to Twickenham tomorrow for Wasps vs Quinns. Not too shabby :)

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