Sunday, 13 December 2009

Send in the Clones

As previously mentioned i've finally finished my first major blog project, the Rogue Trooper inspired Genetic Infantry, which will be found some use within the Star Wars: Clones roleplay.

Initially I knicked the idea from a Kevin Dallimore article in WI quite some time ago for use with Two Hour Wargames sci-fi rules 51-50 though they've also seem some table time as a Necromunda Orlock gang.
With 32 troopers in total I currently view them as an elite recon platoon designed to operate behind enemy lines causing chaos and confusion disproportionate to their numbers. Think Brandenburgers, SOG or SAS.
Three five man fire-teams utilising shoot and scoot, rather than straight down the middle, with plenty of close assualt firepower.
The saboteur section. All the kit required for thier hit and run strikes plus a little bit of style a la Miami Vice!
The brains trust, as previously posted plus the youth section who were brought to my attention by Jon as excellent Juve figures for Necromunda.

Overall, i'm very pleased to have them all done, though not complete obviously!
They do feel in need of some heavy support. I really fancy sorting them out a GW Valkyrie and some form of wheeled assault vehicle, probably wheeled (not found one yet!).
I reckon that the trooper sections could do with a small command section as well. Hasslefree have some tempters.

All of this will be written into and driven by the Star Wars roleplay so for the moment all i'm quite happy....... quite :)

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