Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Night of the living and soon to be dead

Last night was Clones roleplaying once again and in line with our new souped-up storyline it was a classic firefight though I did manage a bit of a twist....... which pleased me greatly!

Following thier successful tunnel-running escapade the full group rendevoused and headed for the designated delivery point, a small abandoned farm, in an isolated valley, at sundown.
What could possibly go wrong!

The employer sent a drone to perform the pickup which was quickly shot down by TWO separate groups who then both advanced on the farm, and each other. Clone scavengers versus droid supported enforcer types, both sides looking to "strike a deal".

The tension ratcheted up pretty quickly with no-one looking to fire the first serious shots.
The Quarren acted first, charging out to take on a few clones that he felt had moved in a bit too close.
Obviously bouyed by his newly found close combat prowess he obviously rolled a big bunch of single digits prior to recieving a stiff beating!
With a full blooded firefight breaking out nobody could decide who to engage so it quickly became personal choice, with mixed strategies and loyalties coming to the fore.

The droid-boys offered a cool 10 grand so easily that many had trust issues but the clones were proving particuarly effective warriors. With the clones finding increasing support amongst the group a last minute deal was done as thier glorious leader made good his individual escape with thier main asset!

Next time round a few wounds need licking as well as some particuarly savvy negotiation.
A good night :)

Meanwhile i've found some excellent wheeled APCs to bolster the clone's armoury. They're from the new AT-43 Oni range and I really like the look of them.

I've previously not been very keen on pre-painted figures but have softened my stance given some of the AT-43 releases.

With a bit of extra work they come up very well and are priced very competitively for what you get.

So, I can pick up the individual vehicles or there's an army starter box set with a mix of vehicles and infantry.
The Oni are basically undead samurai / yakuza and would fit into the Star Wars universe very well providing a classic dark side protagonist.
More importantly, I like the look and feel of them as a whole.

I've played the game previously, some time ago, and found it to be based on a nice simple mechanic, producing a quick flowing game.

I started this blog talking about being more efficient about my gaming and getting more bang for my buck.

AT-43 and The Oni fit this very well, almost TOO well. We shall see, though I don't trust my resolve at all......... why would I?

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