Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Lazy dayz....

Day off today, huzzah, so i've been doing some painting.

One of the things I most enjoyed when I worked for the Evil Empire was making and painting scenery. Not to the same scale but i've had an eye on GW's "Moonscape" preformed craters and so picked them up when I popped down to my local games shop.

For the plug its Dark Sphere literally 50 yards from Waterloo station. You could tell them that I sent you but they'd probably just look a bit confused. Nice guys though.
Straight out of the pack in a spiffing plastic grey. Good level of detail and for £12 they cover quite a bit of table space.

I added a bit more texture with some sand / gravel mix and then sprayed them black followed by some of my stash of Ogre Flesh. All in a well ventilated of course!
A couple of hours of moist and drybrushing followed by a touch of mixed flock and voila. A set of craters fit to grace any generic-green battlefield that I wish to lay out. The inner geek smiles somewhat rabidly :)
I've also got a few more of the Japs painted up, fourteen to be exact, with more on the way. Pedant that I am, I shall be popping up to the bank tomorrow lunchtime for a bag of 5 pences....... so that they can all be on the same sized base............. WIERD-O!!

Whilst I was in the shop I was pleased to see that they had widened their stock to include FoW, Privateer Press and some other bits.

PP are now careering down the GW route. WarmachineII core rulebook at £30 hardback, £20 softback. Army faction books at £30 and £25. New plastic warjacks at the same price as the metals.

A lot of us got into Warmachine when it was still very new and really enjoyed thier independant staus and "feel". This all just makes me wince :(

But, on balance, that was 4 or 5 years ago and maybe i've become something hobby-snob middle-aged gyt. That makes me wince to :)

Painting points added. One for each crater is honest.

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