Monday, 1 February 2010

Bark vs Bite

At the end of last week I picked up a copy of Brian "Pitbull" Moore's autobiography. Today I read the first 20 pages and already it's a thouroughly absorbing read and I haven't even got to anything Rugby related yet!

Also highly recommended, by me, is Confessions of a Rugby Mercenary by John Daniell which concerns his time in the French Top 14. An excellent page turner.

Meanwhile, away from literary corner, January has netted me a mere 3 painting points. Not so great, but a good deal of prep work has been done to provide a bumper February....... honest!

As previously stated this will come in the form of my reinforced platoon of 15mm Japanese Marine. The fact that the missus is away with work for more than half the month will also help the tally. An obvious way of dealing with all that pining stuff that i'm sure i'll be doing..... obviously.

Twas the Club's first open day of the decade on Saturday and I was responsible for the running of our first ever Blood-Bowl Sevens tournament. A great deal of thanks is due to Jon to making up four sets of board surrounds to accomodate the suitably reduced pitch layout, as shown below.
Eight of us entered teams into the East / West confrence format playing the three teams within your conference before a swiss style inter-conference game to decide final standings.

Mr Christian's Humans remained undefeated in the Western conference only to be "gutter-runnered" by Mr Burn's Skaven, who lifted the Cup.
Overall a good days gaming and all of us were chatting about running a full pro-Sevens league making full use of Blood-Bowl's excellent campaign system.

With the Six Nations impending i've signed up to the Metro's free fantasy compo. As much as i'd like to, I don't see too many England players featuring in my team.

What would Brian say to that??

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