Thursday, 28 January 2010

Slowly, slowly.....

.......catchy monkey. And at that an evil Nazi zombie monkey, so it would seem!

Twas' club night on Tuesday and Jon was good enough to run me through a game of AT-43, for the second time if memory serves.

It's a good, clean set of rules utilising a simple core mechanic that applies to just about every part of the game.

It's also FUN and gets you a decisive result in short order. It would seem that i'm a convert :)

I also got to have a read through the Oni army book, which just happened to be lying around, whilst Charlie waxed lyrical about his plans to pick up a Cogs army to join the 4 other guys at the club already playing regular games and campaigns.

I knew that I was in "trouble" when I started the justification process that is all too common to so many of us:

1. Out of the box game that I know that I can get regular games of and that looks good.
2. It fits in well with the Star Wars universe, providing a source of protagonists, figures and scenery.
3. The Oni zombies will work well with the Interstate '76 project that I want to do. The army as a whole will work well for any sci-fi skirmish and should be compatible with my GIs.
4. I like the game and the vehicles are just awesome.

The main reason that i've stayed away, up 'til now, has been my snobbishness regarding pre-painted plastic figures.

Seeing the other guy's figures has proved thier quality, which is high, and using the Star Wars 'Clix figures has shown me what you can do with pre-paints.

And, once again, I come back to getting more bang for my hobby buck. AT-43 fits the bill and the Oni do it for me!

I can't say that I feel entirely comfortable with the pre-paint thing but maybe I just need to man up, as much as a war-gamer can, and withdraw my lower lip.

The price is that I feel that I should sell on FoW Germans, effectively as a trade in.

I don't HAVE to and I SHOULD probably E-Bay my Whermacht anyway. They haven't hit the table in far too long and have little chance of doing so.

It all just feels a bit wrong somehow. It shouldn't, it makes good sense. Maybe that's what I don't like.......... a sensible hobby!!

It's still going to happen though and I WANT to go for it.

Man up Fase and paint some more Japs :)

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  1. Hopefully Flying Lead will mean we can use all these kinds of things :)

    Out this week ... so have to get in practice if you are free any night mate!