Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Art of Diplomacy

Evenin' All

More Star Wars last night and not for the first time not a shot was fired!

If anything, it was a nice break from the recent firefights and everyone still got to be involved as intel was gathered as the run-up to the big set-piece final battle.
The character interaction within the group has built up nicely with crucial plot-points a point of polite contention between the characters.

I keep on finding myself a little under-prepared at times and i'm still not using the villians full range of skills and abilities so have determined to spend each previous Monday night completing prep and reading up.
It's not proper toys but it's still hobby and something I want to be doing. Resolution!

I've never liked buying into hype but Avatar was a particuarly awsome watch and i'd quite happily go back to see it again anytime soon.

Everything was, quite simply, so well done and complete both visually and within the plot. I'm sure I must have missed so much. The amount of time and effort that went in was so obvious.

I didn't get to my feet during the credits, as at least half on the cinema did but I had to join with the applause. A DVD must.
Just to make the point, I genuinely feel that District 9 measures up in a lot of ways but will loose out simply to the CGI.

I've finally got some paint onto figures for the first time this year and i'm pleased that it's the Jap Marines as they're my first historical figures for a while.
The aim is to have the full force painted up for the start of the Pacific '44 campaign. Tues 9th Feb is D-Day.

No PPs just yet, basing Fase!, but a chance to reap the whirlwind!

I've also come to the conclusion that the FoW Germans will soon be finding thier way onto E-Bay. They're not getting any use with me and seem highly unlikely to do so.

It niggles at me to do so but I promised myslef a leaner, meaner hobby and it's an inevitable conclusion. They're likely to be recycled into AT-43 Oni.

And back to where I started! A few more Star-Clix weathered and based, fringers all.

Anyway, must crack on. I need to provide the guys with some maps and info to plan thier next move and cover all of the bases from my side. A few tricks up the sleeve are never a bad idea. They're using the club forums to agree a plan. Homework for us all!!

The club has also set up an Open Day for Sat 3oth of this month and i'm going to be running a Blood-Bowl 7s league. I found the rules as a free download on the GW site under Out of Print Games within Specialist Games along with Dark Future and Adeptus Titanicus.


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