Monday, 11 January 2010

I love it when a plan comes together!!


The first bit of hobby work for 2010, i've put together all of the Space-Hulk figures. To be honest it's something of a travesty that i've left them on the sprue for so long. Bad Steve!

I've been really impressed with the extremely high quality of what are primarily three piece push together figures but then i'm old enough to remember some very one dimensional prior offerings.

The marines are excellently animated with many instant "classic" poses among them.

I've been tempted to go for an alternative paint scheme for them. A couple of net searches has found me a number of successor chapters but they're all similarly RED. I quite fancied doing them as Blood-Drinkers, which was how I painted my very first figures as a kid. Just not quite sure how i'd do so?

Maybe i'll just go for some excessive personal heraldry.

The same dilema faces me with the 'Stealer horde. I quite fancy the Red on Bone scheme but that'll clash and the classic purple suits the dark feel of a Space-Hulk. An Aliens' Grey is a possibility but seems overly dull. Maybe a test figure first?
The 'Stealers will be painted first, to break the back of the project and set the shemes. It's also because I REALLY want to paint the marines first but shouldn't for that very reason.

First club night of the new decade tomorrow night! Not entirely sure what we're playing, could depend on who manages to struggle through the impending white-out.
I'll be packing the Jap Marines, which I will be my priority project for the month. More practice games this month for the campaign kick-off in Feb.Meanwhile, after a bit of prompting, i've had a look at some of the first shots for the new A-Team movie............ how cool is that :)Finally getting around to seeing Avatar Wednesday night but this one is a definate must see!

My comment shall be forth-coming wether you want to know or not!

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