Sunday, 3 January 2010

That was the year that was

Well, everyone else is having a go at it so why shouldn't I have a go?

In all seriousness, I set my stall out at the end of June and I want to see what has happened in that respect, mainly out of interest in all honesty.

Stat Attack:
Not looking to qualify good or bad here, just have a look at how it's gone.

So 101 painting points over five months. That's an average of 20 per month which equates to 10 "standard" 28mm figures each month. Seems okay?

A big December has helped out as the clones got finished off and I got better at finding time with the brush. It was always going to be a bit up and down as the "nature of the beast". Prep time and block work gets projects completed without earning points.

This is nothing that I have an issue with. The only poor month was September, 4 points, which simply comes back to me needing to make the habit of getting bits done whenever I can which is something that i've already improved on.

As GM it should be unsurprising that the Star Wars: Clones roleplay campaign has been my main focus for the past six months.

Almost all my brush-time has had some relvance towards it and a good deal of time has been put into the story, line and arc.

I enjoyed the whole thing enormously and feel that i've got an awful lot back from everyone involved. Definately the success of the year!

"Proper" toys has taken a bit of a back seat and my gaming at the club has been a bit sketchy of late. Chrimbo and illness have had it's effect but it feels like we could do with a bit more of an overall theme.

With luck the Pacific '44 campaign should get kicked and i'm keen to try out the Black Powder rules that Shaun and Rich have been putting some dice time in with.
With the roleplay more settled now, this is where i'd like to put in some more effort.

Future Wars:
Overall my gaming has moved towards "skirmish" as originally stated.

For the first time in at least 15 years I no longer have the ability to field a 40K or Fantasy army and don't see that I want to. And with no foray onto the table-top in 2009 the FoW Germans they are likely to be making thier last Stormtrooper move onto E-Bay.

I do feel slightly sad that "Big" gaming, even on a 6 by 4, no longer seems to be within my remit BUT I am now achieving a great deal more now and enjoying my hobby more.
Balance is required though as following regular bouts of Zombies, Space Hulk and Munchkin I have caught myself browsing board-games slightly too often!

Goals for 2010:

1. Maintain 20 painting points per month.
2. Get in some decent gaming at the club.
3. More non Star Wars projects.

So more of the same but at the club.

Maximising my time will once agian be key so on that note i'm going to sit down and stick my Space-Hulk Genestealers together.

Merry New Year :)

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