Saturday, 23 January 2010

A life more ordinary

Afternoon all.

I type this whilst sat on the sofa in front of the Ospreys vs Leicester Heineken Cup game.
Today, I am mostly supporting the Ospreys!!

Some of this is due to the 34-8 demolition that the Tigers inflicted upon Wasps a fortnight ago primarily through the scrum and the tight five.

We've the our last three games on the trot now and our scrum has been creaking like a very creaky thing, giving away penalties and possession like they've been going out of fashion. The last two games in a row it's lead to both yellow cards and penalty trys.

We're a team that's always prided itself on the quality of our pack. Our injury list has featured all of our international forwards at some point so far this season and has also forced five different captains so far.

The rub of the green isn't an issue, it's sport and you make your own luck with intelligent play and good execution. I just worry about our strength in depth, we still miss Dallaglio, and our apparent lack of a Plan B.

We currently lie fifth in the premiership and have qualified for the European Cup quarters so there's plenty to play for. Cipriani's form is improving and we look dangerous with ball in hand but we really need to fix the scrum to be winning any silverware this season.

Elsewhere, i've getting reasonable time in with Wolfenstein and am really enjoying the game as a whole.

I've finally realised that i've been playing it too much as a standard WWII first person shooter, having come up against more of the supernatural, and need to be making more of my own arcane ablities.

Quite cleverly, as you progress through the missions more and more of the Nazi's diabolical plans and creations are revealed, whilst also having a good go at eating Agent Blaskowitz's face off.

This guy isn't too hard to take out, just shoot the three big diode thingys on his armour with your sniper rifle. Sorted!

The Nazi soldier with invisibility and twin blades, think League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, caused me sever issue for a while.

Jon suggested slowing down time as he attacks, becoming visible, and then filling him full of MP40. Result! This also works well for taking out the Nazi mages, who otherwise boost thier infantry and charging MG32 nests. Simples!!

So, half-time and its' the Ospreys ahead 14-9 and looking good :)

I've got some leeks in the fridge so I may just start waving one about the place!!

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