Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Scattergun - Part Deux


Like any poorly written script, the second installment is hot on the heels of the first. Steven Seagel eat your heart out!!

Give in to the Dark Side:

T'was the finale of the current Star Wars mission on Tuesday night and I finally go to use some proper bad-ass evil types.
Fighting through the lower levels of the mines to the HIDDEN ANCIENT TEMPLE, a-hem, the guys fronted up a bit more than I thought they would and my plan quickly stalled.

We did however manage to roll out a lot more of the rules, following on last session's theme, and presented one of the toughest fights that they've had to date :)

This was mainly provided by a quartet of dark side marauders. It took me a little while to get a handle on the strength of thier powers but my aggression soon increased and I opened a decent sized can of whoop-ass!

I did decided that the LT's Froce Lightening was a bit too keen and went for Mind Tricks instead. Jon's Jedi was being particuarly effective so I managed to "cloud his mind" and turn him on the rest of the group.

Great fun was had...... mainly by me, until the guys finally stunned him to the floor..... boooo!!

Once Jon had been neutralised the HIDDEN ANCIENT TEMPLE had been successfully defended as the remaining eviler dudes legged it leaving our sort of heroes battered and bruised.

Loose ends need to be tied up but once again a very enjoyable night :)

Return of the Pedant:

The Japanese tsunami has been more of a insistent trickle, though one pound thirty of basing has pleased me more than it should.

Looks like a few of us may get some use out of them this Tuesday, multi-player style-e. Meanwhile this lot wait for highlights and basing.
Another 24 PPs within grasp!

The Grinch:

PC Blood-Bowl turned up the other day but for some reason the drive doesn't recognse the disk. I shall have to ask a tech-nerd what to do. I just want to start a Gobbo team of Trolls and fanatics.

Maelstrom have split my Oni order as they are suddnely out of stock of army boxes despite being in-stock when I handed over my cash. Bit poor really :(

Oh well, such is life. Maybe i'll paint some figures!!

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