Friday, 26 February 2010

Payday Bo-Nan-Za

It's a Friday, it's a Six Nations weekend, i've been paid and I blagged off from work at four this afternoon..........HUZ-ZAHH!!!

I've also finally finished off the Japanese marines, all 75 of them.......... muchos PPs, possibly too many for the effort put in to be honest. I think i'll just call it the 50 plus the 6 for the craters this month.

At the end of the day it's been more of a "bulk" project and I think that the PPs should reflect that. Something to muse upon for the future.
So, five rifle platoons with a couple of HMGs and a pair of small calibre field guns for support. Feels like the Banzai charge may well be a prime weapon, especially if the off-board arty fails to do it's job.
Plenty of hot lead and an inscrutably honourable chap in a grass coat. The bloke with the stick could still do with a flag though really.
Very light on the anti-tank there lads and that's some sort of strange deciduous pacific island that you seem to be marooned on isn't it?
Almost as bizarre as a later series of LOST that :)
Enough to strike the fear of the god-emperor into the saltiest of USMC leather-neck. Not sure that the Grants, Stuarts and Shermans will be too worried though.
Where's that bloke in just a loin-cloth with an HE charge on a long piece of bamboo?

Back into your case for moment lads, you'll just have to sit and wait for the USMC. Le' me hear an "Ah-So Seargent!"

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