Monday, 1 March 2010

ONI the Strong.........

Just one phrase, so many poor jokes.......
My ONI have arrived and i've finally had the chance to unpack them and have a decent look and the short version is that i'm seriously impressed.

You get a serious amount in the box including scenery, a double sided playsheet, quick start rules plus a tape and dice.
The figures themselves are in a proper hard plastic and well constructed. I wouldn't go bouncing the off the floor but they're definately sturdy. I doubt that they'll chip too easily!

I'm particuarly impressed with the vehicles, they're proper plastic tank kits a la Tamiya but in one piece and pre-painted.
To be honest the "paint jobs" are relatively basic but are clean, clear and have a consistent of shade though of a relatively limited scope.

I'm already thinking that a bit of wash and highlight work could go an awful long way. With a few transfers and a bit of decent detail work you can get a major result.
The wheels don't go round but you can't have everything now then can you :)
So a bit of a result really, well pleased. Say hello to Mr Convert :)

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