Monday, 22 March 2010

Yo-ho Heave Ho!!

Finished the second Bone Griffon starter fleet and "inspired" by Aaron's alternative Orci i've tried something slightly different...... such as The Bone Beast here.

Not so sure on the name, happier with the result.

The Black Pearls. I want to try out squadroning Cruisers in pairs and thats as much excuse as I need. It'll also give the fleet as a whole a more rag-tag look which I think suits.

The final cruiser is of the slow, catapult, variety giving me a squadron of three contary to my theory as propsed above. Excellent!
The White whales, three of which are somewhta patterned Killer Whale like. To that end i've also gone back to some of the original Orci, below, and used the scheme reversed.

The entire fleet, plus my sofa in the background. Getting another game or two in tomorrow night at 600 points. The odour of varnish may be noticeable to the dice so I may get my metaphorical feet a touch on the soggy.

Otherwise thats another 16 PPs and another project complete.
Big Trev's stuff needs to be next :(

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