Monday, 29 March 2010

Back to the Future

I went to the Science Museum on Saturday for the first time in many years.

I went with the Missus and the Harnetts who have Ben, 5, and Jack, 3, who were the prime reason for the visit.

As such we visited pretty much all of the interactive stuff, such a chore ;), and had a vague wander around the rest until everyone's legs gave out.

What I hadn't expected to find was "Dan Dare and the Birth Of Hi-Tech Britain. I had to be dragged away by all involved......
So, the premis was that post-war Britain actively looked towards a new, gleaming hi-tech future that Frank Hampson struck a chord with as Dan Dare cut a dash across the pages of Eagle comic.

Despite being born in'75 I do have a child's recollection of Dan and Eagle, at least partially through a fairly ropey Spectrum game.

The whole display was excellent, surrounded by various examples of 50s and 60s industrial, cold war and labour saving technologies.
Surrounded by Vulcans, Mini's and Cappucino makers it suddenly stuck me where Thunderbirds, Forbidden Planet and The Voice of The Mysterons, all parts of my childhood, came from and why.

Personally i'm a big Fanboy for 2000AD, Star Wars, Aliens and Excalibur. So where does all of that come from?

Anyway, i've got a GD of Nurgle to put together!

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