Thursday, 25 March 2010

Whiff of grape-shot

Or more to the point....... varnish.

As previously mentioned the curse of the freshly painted figures raised its pungent head on Tuesday night and my dice ran for cover.... little buggers!!

Myself, Ian and Charlie were trying out multi-player Uncharted Seas and the stripped down mechanics allowed things to happen pretty easily.

I've had this theory about not using a battleship but events and fleet composition rules say otherwise!
Freshly painted sighted sir! Just send a couple of frigates, the fools won't stand a chance!! The manoeuvre below was well planned and executed with a minimum of smugness.

A sinking was assured until the dice hit the table...... shocker!! Thankfully, for me, Ian and Charlie took out each other with a couple of magazines exploding whilst I looked on and then, with the only battleship left afloat, cruised in to claim victory.

Another magnificent theory exploded!

Rather busy with life otherwise this week bar a few bits and bobs.
I've downloaded and printed the AT-43 rulebook from the Confrontation website recently. All the army books are there as well. Two thumbs up!!

So I've been reading through as and when and have been really impressed by the cohesive background. Feels very "Blade Runner" to me which I like. Plenty of inspiration there for a couple of potential other projects including Star Wars.

Meanwhile i really need to get round to Trev's stuff. Got a bit of time off next week so a big green beasty looms large with my conscience.

Make way for Grand-father Nurgle, Lord of the Lurgy..........

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