Monday, 15 March 2010

God Bless Her.......

....and all who sail in her!

£20 inc postage got me a Revell EasyKit Imperial Shuttle from Amazon and very pleased I am with it to :)

It does indeed snap-fit though a bit of glue isn't a bad idea and it's definately a model rather than a toy. About 90 minutes in front of the telly saw it built and I genuinely considered not painting it all, just weathering it up.

I have to admit that I didn't fancy using washes straight over it so a can of Chaos Black got me started.

Base colours on it was looking a bit 70s rather than the Firefly look I imagined but the crew look 70s to so why fight it.........MAN?
The transfers are ForgeWorld's white Tau sheet and really got the asian influenced Firelfy look that I mentioned earlier.

I wasn't brave enough to try out the weathering powders I picked up from FW so it was the tried and tested black/brown washes and some drybrushing.

So, your shuttle, The Betty, awaits. Well used is the phrase.

5 painting pots, I thank you!

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