Friday, 19 March 2010

Learn with Mother?

Mornin' all,
Star Wars once again the other night, no bad thing. We moved to Thursday night as Aaron couldn't make Tuesday, so then Jon and Ian got caugh up at work. No worries.

Being a vaguely cunning type I'd written the next mission to introduce a new section of the rules, namely vehicles... such as this one.

Tasked to recover a somewhat larger vehicle, a shuttle named The Betty, our boys needed to do an old Wookie a favour, taking out an APC, to get the low-down on it's location.

What I failed to plan for was Rob and Charlie's ability to find a bar brawl from almost nothing,... almost.

The final result was the ambush I had expected and a group learning session. Intersting result. Vehicles have the same stat line any character with Damage Resistance rating, subtracted from damage dealt.

Rob's natural 20 still dealt double damage and took off about 50 of the APC's 120 Hit Points in one shot. I did blow up his Speeder Bike though :) Still not entirely sure how to balance vehicles against charcters on foot. Charlie feels that its designed for vehicle vs vehicle and I can see his point. We shall see how we go.

Showing off, I've taken my out of the box Oni Medium Destroyer added some of those FW Tau transfers, washed, weathered and finally impressed myself mightily :]

Not too much work really so just 2 PPs I feel. Just the rest of the box to go!

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