Saturday, 3 April 2010

It's a long,, hard life...

This time tomorrow I shall be jetting my towards a sun-kissed week in Tunisia :)

As such, Mr Christian was good enought to host a Good Friday session of Star Wars roleplay round at his place. Hosting levels were excellent and I proceeded to stuff my self stupid as any good GM should.

We played out the current mission, a shipjacking with a twist, over the course of the afternoon and a very close run thing it was indeed.

Abandoning the stealth and deception shown on previous occasions, though Ian's stealth rolls didn't help the boys went for an announced frontal assault!

Despite some reasonable hints being dropped no-one had caught on to the time sensitive cargo being somewhat "live".

A fair bit of friendly fire ensued, once again, which resulted in some severely damaged "cargo" and Aarron successfuly strafing Ian in the back!

The Betty's crew fought back hard trashing a skiff, a speeder bike, Jon and Mr C. With the attack stalled the shuttle went airborne witht the battle continuing in it's cargo bay.

A natural 20 put down Big Vin, the Betty's captain, and my natural 1 saw Bo the Bruiser fall back out through the closing hatch!

Another skin of the teeth result sparked conversation about the challenge level set, though we are using a lot more of the rules these days. Working the numbers saw the final battles total CL "Challenge Level" one point higher than the groups total levels. Fair fight then.

On the way home Charlie and I we chatting about how to vary the make-up of opponents in terms of quality versus quantity. With a group of six level four players I now have 24 CLs to play with.
A combat droid is CL 1............
So far today i've cleaned the flat, cleaned out the fridge and got myself 90% packed. The last few bits include my somewhat eclectic reading material for the week. I'll also be packing a pad to scribble down any EUREKA moments........ it's a small pad!

We played the first round of the Uncharted Seas campaign on Tuesday night and myself and Aaron were one of three draws. I'm finding the fleet construction a bit limiting as I continue with my cruiser theory.

I'm thinking of adding a pair of heavy cruisers and dropping catapults all together but Aaron should thier indirect fire value in a particuarly pointed manner. Decisions!!

I've also managed to get plenty of paint onto Big Trev's stuff. I've used as many of GW's foundation paints as possible for speed and with washes drying the results so far are very encouraging.

Anyway, i'm off. Pester you some more later :)

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