Sunday, 18 April 2010

Guess who's Back??!!

With a return to real to real life and a change of office at work, a better one though, it's just a WIP post for the mo.

As mentioned previously i've FINALLY got around to finishing off Big Trev's bits and motivated primarily by speed i've been using GW's foundation paints range as much as possible to see what results I can get.

It should be noted that all of the figures here have had thier washes applied, pre-highlight, and might be looking a bit dark as a result.

Overall, i'm well impressed! The foundation paints, with their high loading of pigment, give good strong colours, even through the wash. For context I should also say that I have applied one level of pre-highlight prior to the wash but the results remain the same.

It seems similar to a dip result, not that i've tried, but without the nasty gloss residue.

The current look might be a bit cartoony / manga for some people but that's all subjective.
I can see how you could quite happily leave the figures as they are but even basic highlights will produce a much improved result.

It's been interesting to use the same technique across models of different sizes, the six bases of Nurglings are waiting for wash. Unsurprisingly the technique is equally valid.

Been a working weekend so it's a day off Wednesday to finally score some painting points.

Tuesday is the next Star Wars night and my plans are a little more sketchy than usual so .

With the upcoming break in proceedings I need to leave things set up for the next chapter.Up until now it's been learning the nuances of the rules and the system whilst getting some character to the characters. It's all good.

Meanwile Wasps have been turning on the style for our usual last gasp run in to the play-0ffs! Even better :)

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