Thursday, 22 April 2010

Aw, Mom your just jealous it's the BEASTIE BOYS!!

Two posts in one day! Just as well i'm sat down really.

I've finished Big Trev's nurgle bits and the two Khemri priests have had thier coat of wash.

I'll be having 10 points for the Nurglings, 4 for the big lad and 6 for the Champions to hit my big 2o for the month. Back of the net!!

I'm not quite sure what to go for next. Possibly some X-Box time and then FINALLY onto Space-Hulk. Revell's snap-kit Millenium Falcon could also be useful for the roleplay :)

Meanwhile, i'm off to the Wasps / Bath game at Twicks on Saturday which is great, though it does mean that i'll miss Salute which is a real shame. My wallet my thank me though and I do get a pre-match Wimpy!

Oh well, into every life and all that.

UPDATE: (26/04/2010)

I was really unhappy with the previous pics so having read the Fanatic article that Jon was good enough to copy me and having spent a few quid on some new light bulbs i've retaken them with the last light of the day and a white background. Much better :)

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