Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I need a HERO!!

Reading through 2000AD one evening not so very long ago I came across an advert for a new UK publication "from the makers of SFX"..... COMIC HEROES!!

After checking several local branches of WHSmith on release day I eventually made an online purchase. 'Twas a fairly hefty £8.99 but a set of 2000AD fridge magnets were promised and I AM WEAK.

A few weeks later I pulled a well suffed A4 envelope from my post box and was quickly regressed back to a child at christmas. Quite a regular occurance to be honest.

This is what I got:
A big double sided A0 poster, new Batman and Robin on reverse, Wolverine Origins comic, 2000AD fridge magnets and 130 pefectly bound pages of Future Publishing's full colour best.

It's a quality publication, as one might expect, with potential regular slots such as Your Guide to..., The Art of....., Retrospective..., Comic Icons as well as all of the News and Reviews that you'd expect.

This month's guide was to Write for Comics. The discussion about story arcs and three part scenes I found particuarly useful for roleplay.

This week's session started slowly due to character progression and plain old chat. As such, not a lot of action took place as we got to the "kick-off" point a bit too late in the evening. I believe I may have picked up some pacing tips :)
As a recent returnee to the Fanboy fold it's doing an excellent job of reminding me of the strips that i'd pore over for hours as well as highlighting some of the newer titles that have risen during my hiatus.

There is a strong movie cross-over theme with Iron Man, Kickass and Superman heavily featured and my feeling is that it may be a little mainstream for some. I'd have to pick up a copy of Comics Interantional to compare but that hasn't happened in many a year.

Instead i'll wave it a couple of more hardcore mates and see what they think
I did have to make a call to chase it up and the particuarly helpful chap answering let me know that it's a one-off market tester at this point. The reason for a 4 week delivery time was however due to the level of interest and having to print a second run!

Next month's Issue 2 is on sale Tuesday 15 June and contents are, according to the small print, subject to change. Personally I want to be parted form my cash again so go and by one the lot of you :)

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