Monday, 12 April 2010

Welcome to Carthage, MIGHTY CARTHAGE!!

But do mind your step....... in more ways than one.

The current president's palace backs onto the site of Carthage and you have to be careful where you point your camera. Our guide joked that you could extend your holiday significantly in a 6 star facility, but that there weren't any excursions!!
Back from the vague sunnyness of Tunisia I shall not bore either of you with the details of my mild headstroke despite minimal tanning and shall become much more TOY related.

Whilst out on several trips to forts and ruins of a primarily roman nature I regailed the missus with my knowledge of the many wars that took place across Tunisia. She's a very lucky girl.

Whilst waxing lyrical about Phonecians, Romans, Berbers and the Deutches Afrika Korp, I realised the full scope stretching from the 1st Punic War through to the DAK surrender around Tunis.

Amongst the tat of the Souks and the realisation that no local would EVER shop in them I realised how much I missed playing historical.
I remembered my 10mm Dacians throwing themselves in a frenzy at Shaun's Legions and all those 15mm Greeks I lovingly painted up for Impetus only to play half a dozen times.
My 25mm WAB Berbers were another favourite that went the way of the B&B after objecting to the clunky, overburdened ruleset and the unwashed masses who shoved thier army specific rules in my face.

Indian hef-a-lumps, Byzantine heavy cav, Alexander and Hannibal, Rommel and Monty. Inspiration is a wonderful thing when it first stikes but like Lady Luck can dazzle and then disabuse you and your wallet in no uncertain terms.
So, with clash of spear on shield and rumble of tracks rolling around my head I caught the flight home in a whistful muse back to Star Wars, Blood-Bowl and a riot of Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Games that I actually PLAY!

A happy holiday :)

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