Friday, 5 February 2010

All work and no play....

......... makes Steve tired and irritable apparantly. But I have also got "The Ick", that thick headcold, which probably doesn't help :(

Rather a busy week at work, with a bit more lined up for the weekend, plus Ick, so no painting yet again! The balance is next Wednesday off to sit and paint all day long!

I'm currently sat watching England giving Wales a good shoeing in the opening round of the Under 20s Six Nations. 41-14 with 5 to go. Get in!

I feel great optimism going into senior tournament this weekend. It looks to be a very open competiton this year but we shall see. England game at 5 tommorrow at which point tools will be downed.
The other highlight of my week was Tuesday's Star Wars session featuring the big shoot-out at Red Dog Zeta that we'd built up to previously. I blagged a 6x4 form the club to lay out the various sections of the mine and discoverd that my lounge isn't that much bigger!

The chaps had a decent plan and arrived in good spirits. A shaky start by Team 1, the advance force, who just managed to infiltrate the lower levels of the mine soon descened into a full blown firefight once Team 2 arrived and lacked any subtlety, though Mr Cock-Up was just about kept at bay.
The Jedi lead Team 1 and really came into his own, discovering his full Force Adept powers and put them to VERY effective use. Just as ontrol was being established Mr Friendly Fire suddenly gate-crashed and Mormar, our rogueish leader, took a shot in the back!
With the Temple secured, for the moment, the final episode of the mission is set to play out. Everyone expects a few aces up my sleeve.

I would so hate to disappoint :)

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