Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Balls of Iron

I have to admit that I didn't really fancy Wasp's chances against Sarries on Sunday. Our pack and scrum has been an issue recently whilst there's has been the basis of their game.

The short story is that we won 9-0 and it was a far more entertaining game than the score-line suggests!

Adams Park was full and the crowd in particuarly good voice. We got well stuck in from the off and both teams had a good crack at each other.

What satisfied me the most was the dominance of our pack bullying thiers all over the park. We won a host of penalties at the scrum including a penalty try that wasn't given.

Brendan Venter had this to say:
"It's a tribute to their discipline in defence, but I do find it amazing that not once did they stray offside, put a hand in a ruck, commit any penalty offence."

Whatever mate, talk to the hand!!

Club night last night and a couple of us got in refresher games of Uncharted Seas whilst 40K made it's regular opinion plus a blast from the past with Dark Future with original tracl pieces!

My Bone Griffons took on Aaron's Bone Griffons on a brown sludge sea as we wrestled with our mutual vague recollection of the rules.
More by luck than judgement it was Aaron to utter the phrase "You sank my Battleship" whilst he shot up my cruisers and we tried to find a use for our Orci (undead whales).
Meanwhile Charlie's Human's took on MrC's ghostly (unpainted) Bone Griffons, lots of them about it would seem, on a very dark sea...... possibly at night.
Mutual destruction saw just rather leaky Battleships left at the end.
At the end of the night our objective had been met. Rules have been refreshed along with enthusiasm. Good stuff!

Aaron's white whales sparked MrC into talking about painting up his ships as a ghost fleet which I think could be doen really nicely. I recently picked up a second BG starter fleet for the upcoming campaign and am tempted to be "inspired" by the guy's paint schemes. Best build them first.

Meanwhile, i've been reading through my Oni army-book with vigour and the army box-set I ordered has been dispatched :)

I've also worked out that my laptop doesn't have a DVD drive, which is why the game won't work.... oops!! Might just invest some of my pay-pal money in a download or a DVD drive....... decisions.....

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