Monday, 12 July 2010

Tooth and Claw

In the cold depths of deep space no-one can hear me grind my teeth. Grrrrr!!!

In short, I finished all of my Hulk 'stealers this weekend and a very happy chap I was indeed. I'm particuarly happy with the retro 80's colour scheme and believe that I've achieved the slighty vampiric look that I was after.

They've been quite a bit of work, especially the pink, but it all came out good in the end :)

The gnashing came last night when I realised that the two coats of Purity Seal has gone a bit cloudy. I have no idea why, though relatively new i've used the can before without a problem. Maybe it's the recent heat but I can't see why.

Only two figs have come up particuarly badly so it's not the greatest disaster and it doesn't seem to come up on these photos at all.

At worst they look a bit overly drybrushed and i'm sure that I see it worse because I know that its there.

But the point is that I KNOW THAT ITS THERE.

I don't want to repaint them and more than likely won't. I will take the worst couple and the can back to GW but its not as if they can replace the figures.

I do think that they should do SOMETHING about it and it will be interesting to see exactly what. Its not one that i'd want to deal with myself in all honestly.

So i'll take my 40 painting points from the 20 that are acceptable and move on. ACCEPTABLE, it just takes the gloss off of them..... literally.

Nothing else to do but roll up my bottom lip and crack on with the Termies, which is exactly what I did. It's ONLY a game.... apparantly!!

Club tomorrow night, that'll put me right :)

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  1. The heat/humidity has been playing havoc with my spays as well. In the past when my spray on varnish has gone like that I've used some varnish of the old-school paint-on variety and that has sorted it out. Alternatively, sometimes a quick spray with gloss varnish then re-application of matte does the trick.