Sunday, 25 July 2010

In Town with Time to Kill!!

As far as 20th Century Fox is concerned he's Heresy's "Hurn the Hunter". As far as the Star Wars boys are concerned he's a potential nightmare to take on. To me he's another of Heresy's "alternative" sci-fi figures added to the collection.

Good fun to paint, he should be excellent fun on the table-top. I'm already thinking through Flying Lead stats and wondering how many points a personal cloaking field will cost!
I've ended up going for an SS pea-dot skin tone, which is original, as some semblance of his chameleonic abilities. Just recently, I rarely seem to be painting a "standard" skin tone. Might make for a nice change of pace.

I've also expanded my Bone Griffons with a squadron of three Phantom class destroyers. A quick three PPs courtesy a la drybrush and wash. They're slightly late for the campaign the final round being this Tuesday but will deploy for the mutli-player "fun" games to follow.
I did have some trouble ordering them from one of the growing horde of independant internet sellers. As part of a larger order, mainly paint, various bits went in and out of stock that took several e-mails and almost a month to be despatched and i'm STILL due a minor refund.

I don't think i'm alone in thinking that discount sellers shouldn't be allowed to provide discounted service. I'm aware that they're operating on tight margins with minimal staff, stock and space but they chose to do so. I have choice to........ rather a lot of it!

Rant over :)

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