Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Magnificent Seven

Just a quick note.

This Tuesday was the fifth of the month and as such a bonus club night for which Rich had set up a 600 point Flying Lead mini-tourney. I decided to get the GI's some table time and Monday lunchtime sat with the army builder to sort out Rogue's Troopers.

Having only recently reminded myself of how to play I decided to go for a relatively elite force but without extra skills that I knew I would clean forget about in the heat of combat! This meant I could go for good Quality and Combat ratings with a decent number of figures.
I went up against Shaun's copper first off and was handed a comprehensive victory by his dice. Still a win is a a win and we both had a good laugh while we were at it.

It was a much closer result against Rich's super elite 4 man kill-team. We went down to one man each before I managed to grab my objective and made a very efficient tactical withdrawl! A win on points but at a very high price!

Good rules, great games, keen to do more with them :)
No more PPs and 15 is below target BUT I have 22 'Stealers ready for highlight and two weeks missus-less across July. Should be a biggie.

Meanwhile I have a positive plethora of exciting, for me, project ideas nibbling at my wallet. I SHOULD remain strong and continue the, boring, methodical approach that has served me well so far.

But that's a post for a few days time. Always leave them wanting more :)

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