Monday, 5 July 2010

James May: Demi-God?

It's interesting as to how events can act in conjunction at times.

It was my birthday on Saturday and here are two of my, poorly lit, gifts. As you might guess the Falcon is for when the Star Wars RPG campaign comes out of mothballs and the Lightning is just because, a hobby foible if you will.

What was "interesting" was that over the weekend I and my beloved (she bought me TOYS!!) watched the James May: Toy Stories episode with the 1:1 Airfix Spitfire. An excellent programme, well worth watching, that reduced me to gibbering nerd status.
Thankfully she was more entertained than scared :)
It started me thinking about all of the kits I COULD put together. It doesn't help that I found a couple of excellent Cold War russian tank PLOGs on Warseer.

But that would mean finding a significant supply of the most precious hobby material, TIME! But the thing is that i've got a substantial list of upcoming projects looking for active service most of which have the capacity to involve chaps like these:
They are, in no particular order:

- 10mm ACW with Black Powder: I have an army list, SOME figures (ALL unpainted), SOME relevant bases. I do at least have the rulebook, the relevant websites as favourites and funds in the paypal account.
PLENTY to be done.

- 28mm AWI: Here I have British Light Infantry and Minutemen painted with extras, including a coach and horse, amongst the "lead-pile". A Perry farmhouse kit has been ordered. Rules will probably be Ganesha's Drums and Shakos.
Good to go in basic but I have PLANS for an extended scenery set (multi use) and a TWIST :)

- 10mm Ancients / Fantasy with Impetus: I have 2000pts of Warmaster Ancient Dacians, half of which are painted, a big bag of fantasy gigantic generic germanics, some riding bufallo, and bugger all else. I DO think that it would look and play really well :)

This is all AFTER I complete Space-Hulk which specifically involves finishing 22 'stealers, fully painting 11 Terminators before black-edging all of the tiles and sorting out appropriate storage.
THEN I have plans for some custom tiles which will, once again, be multi use to fit in with other projects.

All this does at least fit with the 28-10 theory of playing skirmish in 28mm and grand scale in 10mm. I have constructed an Excel spreadsheet. It even has colour coding :)

This evening, I type a la Tuesday, is Jon's first night proper for D&D in the shed. All I need to do is go home. I can manage that :)

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