Saturday, 10 July 2010

One man and his Shed

No need to worry lads but I went to the flower show at Hampton Court yeterday with the missus and her folks. It was rather warm.

Quite bizarrely the main flower tent was just as oppresively moist and warm as many a gymnasium wargames show that I've attended so it wasn't all alien to me.

I bought this bloke, Dave the Demon, to gaurd the shed. A quick visit to the nursery this afternoon acquired him so appropriate "hair" as he is, unsurprisingly, a plant-pot!

Rich informs me that lemon-balm is a natural mozzy repellant, so I may need to remodel his "do" at some point.

Otherwise, it's been quite a busy week for the shed.

Tuesday night was our first full night of D&D and Jon set us well on our way to fame or death. Some of us would seem to prefer infamy as according to Charlie "being chaotic evil means never having to say sorry. Well said that man :)

An important part of any campaign is the area map and here it is. It's a pretty good one for a fantasy map as its not an upside down country and there's a lack of incovenient seas around the edges. Huzzah!

We picked back up from where we left off in Winterhaven (North West), travelling East through Fallcrest and on to Thunderspire. Excellent names, Dave would be impressed :)
My main role as a Halfling Thief, other than trying to cut a variety of dodgy deals, is to scout ahead, locate the enemy and then stay well out of the resulting ruckus other than to dash in at the end with a bit of rather over-enthusiastic back-stabbing.

I feel that, from a personal perspective, it all went rather well. Two takedowns for just some minor magic missle singing.
Thursday night Rich and Shaun came round and we got a game of Black Powder in, my first, with Sahun's 10mm Seven Years War figures.

It was a bit of a reminder for Rich and Shaun so play was quite slow so everything got left set up for next time. The power of the shed :)
My first impression is that I really like BP's laid back style which suits and needs a friendly / flexible approach to play. I understand why criticism has come from the more tourney-centric players but I take that as a GOOD thing, in the nicest way possible.... of course :)

Shaun took the Austrians against myself and Rich with the Prussians. As part of the rules you have to announce your orders before rolling for number of actions. Cue dodgy accents!

After a bit of a cav on cav action on the western flank Shaun's dice stuffed him horribly and I got my cav into several of his infantry columns on the extreme eastern flank. Cue nightfall various retreats to bivoauc.

Black Powder shall return to this page very soon.

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