Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Have you been to a harvester before??

Long story short; I had to run an errand up to Angel today and so popped into the recently opened GW up there to pick up some paints.

I got the standard spaniel-like greeting though thankfully the leg humping was fairly brief following a bit of foot swallowing on his part.

Well done that man :)
You see, the thing is that I worked for the Evil empire as a store manager for 6 years before moving on. As such my gradual move away from the GW hobby has been a bit schizophrenic at times. The dirty little secret is that, at times, i've missed it :(

The new Warhammer Fantasy release has been an excellent case in point. I REALLY want to believe that it'll be great and i'll love playing it BUT I know it's a lie. It feels, strangely, like a dream has died or that Santa has been put away for house-breaking.

However, seeing the poor bloke stood in his one man store, sweat and desperation dripping from him in equal measure, I found myself explaining how, other than Blood Bowl and Space Hulk, it's just not for me anymore.

He didn't say a lot to that and I smiled as I walked away feeling strangely lighter..........WIERDO :)

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