Sunday, 18 July 2010

Rattle and Hum

As a bit of birthday treat the missus said that I could pick any location for a weekend away and she'd sort out a hotel in the area.

So, Bovington it was! The hotel was a quaint independantly run village affair, which kept the missus happy enough

She was fairly impressed actually, if not so much with the exhibits themselves, then at least with the info boards and their presentation.

We then shot off to Corfe Castle which was impressive, depsite being blown up by Cromwell. Interestingly you could see a lot more about how the place was built and functioned once various bits had been blown apart!

Saturday was then finished off with a quick stroll by Swanage beach and harbour. I was still thinking about the Stug. Mmmmm..... Whermacht armour (drool)
Sunday was another National Trust visit to a house and gardens that I forget the name of. No tanks, but we had a picnic in the sunshine involving pork pie and flapjack. Winner.

As our third National Trust visit of the year membership has now paid for itself and every further visit is effectively free. I do NOT however feel the need to invest in any open toed sandals with white sports socks!!

As much as I do like Whermacht armour, cold war soviet armour simply reaches the parts that other armour simply cannot. Anything from a T-55 onward just hits a certain spot. It took a great deal of will power to not by a T-64 kit from the gift-shop.

This example is in need of a certain amount of TLC, as do my 'Stealers.

On Friday afternoon I took my two casualties to GW Plaza following a quick stop of at Orc's Nest for some brush-on matt varnish. Jon suggests that this may do the trick. Cheers for the pointer mate :)

After an initial "well what you did wrong is" lecture I stood my ground a touch, feeling somewhat patronised, as I WAS actually aware that the "dust" was likely to be propellant from the can.

After a further 10 minutes I walked away with some useful pointers, a replacement can of Purity Seal and the promise that if they wouldn't fix I'd get one for one replacement. A fair result.

Monday night is 'Stealer night. Boo and yah!!

I won't actually ever be using Purity Seal again though as the "how to best use" advice ran more as a list of faults. Coat D'Arms stuff isn't cheap but it does a good job and it's all about peace of mind and that's priceless!!

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