Friday, 30 November 2012

Meine Leibling?

Hello again, apologies for my lack of attention to you all. Life stuff happened. Meanwhile I have at least continued browsing the blog-o-sphere and noticed the recent spate of posts regarding the Leibster awards.

First off I assumed that they were another brand of pass it on, slap on the back to your mates self appreciation society type of thing.

Does that sound bitter at all? It's just that I've noticed these types of things before and had mixed feelings feeling that they relate to the filler or re-blogging posts that I've mentioned before.

If it is bitterness is it because I've never got one? Should I or anyone care?
Not trying to rain on anyone's parade as it always nice to be appreciated, especially when deserved.

Best Army / Best Sporstman awards are a very good thing. Does the virtual nature of what it's about change pr diminish anything?

A bit like a chain e-mail someone hands out the first piece of candy and extols the virtue of doing the same for 5 of your blogging compatriots.
Found some interesting blogs this way as well as some mates rates back slapping.

But I digress, mainly because I was wrong! Reading a bit further the Liebster is "awarded" for bigging up other blogs with a lower hit rate, though preferably not as a minimal effort re-blog of course :)

Suddenly it occurs that isn't this what a blog roll does, in a very basic way?

Anyway back at A point I've decided to try and make myself take a positive spin on the whole thing (as well as try and motivate myself to post a bit more). What I'm going to do is put out a bi-weekly post featuring two blogs that I follow and tell you why I do so. Not a review or critique just what I get from them to keep on tuning in. I'd like to provide a different slant :)

Meanwhile the Dreadball Kickstarter and Hobbit release seem to be popular subjects of comment. Don't really feel the need to comment other than "I understand but it is only TOYS!" and "Holy Crap that's a scary pricing structure for figures that most of your market already has in very near proxy form!".

Hopefully see you soon :)

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