Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sixth Sense

Pretty much part II this one.

As previously posted i made it down to the club the other week. Was only about for a couple of hours but enjoyed sucking up some nerd "secondary smoke" of others miniature melee.

No dice rolled but happy enough to get a bit of a fix it occurred to me on the way home that this hobby of ours hits every sense and maybe another besides;

Sight; Nothing more impressive than a table groaning under a stunning set of terrain playing host to two fully painted forces of whatever floats your boat. Shows wouldn't give specific awards for this otherwise.

Plenty of us have given a moments silence at the sight of the tin horde advancing over book hill or the display game of fading glory, snobbish as it may be.

Sound; From jolly banter to inglorious rules lawyering, woeful groans and jubilation offered to the dice gods.Most of us have heard it all as well as the soundtrack in our heads from our favourite movies.

Smell; Nothing like opening that new regiment box, the first leaf through the pages or the first step into the gaming hall. We all know exactly what I mean or definitely should!

Taste; The tang of the thankfully non toxic acrylic from the brush. The sweat of a anticipation prior to the bones being rolled. The fried goodness of bacon butty and vaguely soggy chops. Victory or defeat.
Mmmmm..... tasty!

Touch; Pewter or Plastic? What weight do you prefer in your non brush hand? Do you caress or cast your dice towards statistical oblivion?

The Itch; When was the last time you got your fix? Stroked the brush, rolled the dice, spontaneously added to lead mountain? I FEEL the itch :)

I see lead you? :)

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