Monday, 19 November 2012

Winter Warmer?

So as previously promised its part deux of the Mantic Day roadtrip.

As previously mentioned it was held down in Hockley, Essex at Tabletop Nation. With an open mind and a styrofoam coffee cup we set out four up in Rich's car happily chatting geek for the hours drive.

I had googled up their flyer and had a read but until arriving I didn't realise it was also Wayland Games HQ (not going there!).
A Nation of Tabletops
Wandering around bumping into some old faces it reminded me of the Foundry open days I occasionally frequented many years ago.

Reassuringly expensive
First impressions were good there being plenty of good to high quality gaming tables available and plenty of flyers for their weekly games nights. There was plenty of room with tea and coffee on tap and some welcome cakery. It was rather brass monkeys with heaters installed just the day before but nothing too terrible.

All in all good facilities, on many necessary levels, and plenty of room to develop and expand into. Still a bit work in progress so I'm informed. You do need to take your lunch as there's nowhere on the doorstep but a cafe is an apparent future addition.

From the flyer I recognised a few olds gaming buddies from a number of local clubs which was heartwarming to see.

Just browsing round the racks was pleasant enough but seemed to confirm my recent observations about industry creep towards GW practices and prices. You takes your choice and, hopefully, gets what you pays for. New starters certainly aren't shy about the quality / price coefficient!

Back at the point it was a very enjoyable day at a pretty good venue, hopefully to become a very good venue. Locals have a real gem on thier doorstep.

The chatter during the trip home was all that its "only" an hour away. Evening events just a bit impractical but at the weekend??

Good stuff :)
Scarily, scarily expensive!

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