Sunday, 25 January 2015

Dark Side Points

Hello people,

Another weekend, another X-Wing tourney and myself and Mr C headed up to Chelmsford Bunker for four rounds of laser tag in space.

I had been determined to get away from the souped up 360 meta and was looking to get some time in flying a mini-swarm before upgrading to maxi-swarm. Tuesday night at Enfield Gamers I had been trying to get a Col Jendon Target Lock / Fleet Officer list to work without too much success.

Having played around with a few lists I caved a touch and went with the following;

Decimator - Patrol Leader - Darth Vader
TIE Fighter - Howlrunner - Stealth Device
TIE Fighter - Academy Pilot (x3)

I had a lot of fun flying the mini-swarm and now feel much more confident with it. The Decimator, aka the Pope-Mobile, still proved effective despite it's bells and whistles. So much so that I placed second of twenty losing my final game to a particularly slippery Keyan / Leebo that was one of the best games I've ever played ;) Nice to see that Vanilla can still hold its own!

Other than game 3 it was all good fun and I played some different lists, including 5 prototype A-Wings. I also ended up walking away with a Han Solo alternative artwork card, a set of acrylic cloak tokens and a full stocked KR Case for which I'm very grateful.

Next time out, no Decimator, possibly a maxi-swarm......we'll see ;]

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