Sunday, 18 January 2015

The LAMBDA project

Hello people,

Saturday just gone was yet another highly enjoyable day playing X-Wing as myslef and Mr C went up to Wargames Workshop in Milton Keynes for a sold out five round 36 man tourney.

I've been playing around with my Decimator and the less used pilot, Col Kenkirk, with a distinctly defensive builds, somewhat inspired by the Fat Han meta. As such I ran;

Decimator (Kenkirk)  - Predator - Dauntless - Ysanne Isard - Mara Jade - Rebel Captive
Lamda (Omicron) - Darth Vader
TIE Fighter - Mithel Mauler

Somehow I did disgustingly well going 4-1 to claim 4th place, one place ahead of Mr C for those that need to know ;) There was an awful lot of big 360 ships about the place with several Falcon / Outrider clones. Supported Decimators also did well (4th and 5th at least) while the single double D list took a number of battering after the first round.

Round 1 I played a supported Leebo / Outrider list forgetting many of my upgrades and abilities but one Kenkirk slotted in behind Leebo at Range 1 it was all a matter of time.

Round 2 I played the Double D list, Oicunn and Kenkirk, and was able to pick on one at a time until the Kenkirks faced off. My Stress abilities and luck saw me through on a close game.

Round 3 I faced Chirneau supported with an HLC Vessery and his dice just tore me apart whilst mine deserted me.

Round 4 was against a Rebel mini swarm with plenty of synergy options. After the first pass I was down to Kenkirk was Craken, Tarn Mison and a Rookie X. Playing smart I ran away bravely and engaged one at a time at range 3. Magnificent Evade dice saw me home.

Round 5 was against twin B-Wings (Keyan and Nera) buffed to the nines with multiple Advanced Proton Torpedos guaranteeing 5 hits per turn. I fed them Mauler and the Doom-Shuttle while Kenkirk got in behind them and then never let go.

Throughout the whole field I was flying the lone shuttle. I have to admit that I might be a bit obsessed with them and took a Col Jendon alternative art card as my prize. When I got mine I also had problems with the base and stem so contacted Fantasy Flight........and they sent me a whole new Lambda!

So now I have two...and the itch to fly them both! First up will be another re-paint and then some practice games....lots of practice games.

A bit of Google-Fu has found a few Team Covenant Lambda articles. Lunchbreaks are sorted for the week :)

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